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Meer zelfvertrouwen krijgen met onze producten

"Make the most out of yourself, for that is all there is of you"


Founded with a mission in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 

While we individuals do anything to enhance our image, height is something we accept as unchangeable. But is it unchangeable? This taught was the start of UPPOSE to provide products and services that improve your image, by enhancing your physical appearance. 

As this not only improves your self-image, it is also perceived as being more powerful, more attractive and smarter. This is not only observed but also illustrated by facts; the world's top scholars unanimously establish how important height is to the life & success of men.

Our mission is to provide products and services through an accessible and discrete way to enhance your physical appearance while enjoying the benefits instantly. Our first UPPOSE products are now available instore, the posture corrector and height increasing insoles. More to come soon... follow us on Instagram for new product updates!

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