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How to use


  1. Put the underarm straps on the velcro as loose as possible. Then put the UPPØSTURE on like a backpack  and adjust the straps on the velcro to a ‘generous’ fitting so that you can become familiar with the fitting.

  2. Adjust the straps to a level with little or no tension so that your body and muscles adapt to a new feeling. 

  3. Over time or when you feel more comfortable, gradually add tension until you find an ideal level where you are holding a correct posture without strain or discomfort. Use the UPPØSTURE for 20-30 minutes a day and gradually increase to 1-2 hours daily. 

  4. If used accordingly you will notice and feel a lasting difference and a more correct posture after only 2 weeks!


  1. Insert the insoles in your shoes  (preferably high top shoes). We recommended starting with only the base sole  (3.5cm) and adding the extra layer as your feet is adjusted to the new insoles. We also advise to not overuse them immediately, to avoid any foot pain.

  2. Loosen the laces.

  3. Slide your foot in and tighten the laces.

  4. Experience your new height!

Niet meer krom lopen, maar een rechtere rug
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